Achievement Hunter Fix Allowed. Read First.
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Author:  Hikikomori [ Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Achievement Hunter Fix Allowed. Read First.

__**Official Astats Announcement**__

The moderators at Astats have come to the conclusion to allow user to use the following "fix" without penalty on the leaderboards.

For Achievement Hunter Series Games, You can fix broken achievements by take the working file
from Achievement Hunter Darkness for example or any achievement hunter game that is not broken
and copy/paste/overwrite it, replacing the broken file for each game for example in
\Steam\steamapps\common\Achievement Hunter Begins\Achievement_Hunter_Begins_Data\Managed

We have decided to allow this as it is not directly opening and editing a file but obtaining the working framework from another game that you own. We currently allow a similar fix in the game TedbyDawn by allowing the broken file in that game to be replaced with a steamapi.dll file from a free to play game .

The fix works and to gain achievements, you will still need to afk those 2-3 hours which is a big reason why we allow it.

The achievements that are marked broken on Astats will still remain broken, but users who use the fix will not be penalized for doing so. Those caught using SAM to gain those achievements of course will still be penalized.

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