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Author:  Mytharox [ Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Progress Report

Some of the changes the past months.

Fun news
- There are many more active giveaways, right now there are 226 active ones to join.

General Updates
- Profiles and updates are handled much faster, thus being able to handle the increased load and coping better with steam time outs.
- Automated guide messages now contain links to the guides and moderator who moderator on them.
- Added edit button for added keys to the game trade list (also used for your giveaways)
- Added template PM so sending a PM to giveaway winners is much easier.
- Added the AStats achievements and icons for them.
- Added the AStats badges and icons for them.
- Owned games and recently played games are read from the API.
- Some games that couldn't be updated before can now (Spacewar, Eldritch).

Rules Updates
- There is a point cap of 10k for games, this is done because some games were to much out of balance otherwise in hours per point value.
- Guides have to credit the original writer if he is known and links to youtube and such need to be embedded and preferably with credits and or a small description or better.

Planned for the near future are:
- More details for games (action, screenshots, description)
- Commenting for achievements and profiles.
- More AStats achievements and badges.
- Steam META achievements based on Achievements you get thanks to Steam. (Finish 5 games perfect, Unlock 10 achievements in a single day, and so on)
- And much much more on the todo list.

Overview of the list of achievements (thanks to stfn1337)

- Write a guide.
- Write 10 guides.
- Write 50 guides.
- Write 100 guides.
- You voted for a game.
- You voted for 25 games.
- You voted for 100 games.
- You voted for 250 games.
- Joined a giveaway.
- Joined 25 giveaways.
- Joined 100 giveaways.
- Joined 250 giveaways.
- Finished a giveaway.
- Finished 10 giveaways.
- Finished 50 giveaways.
- Finished 100 giveaways.
- Won a giveaway.
- Won 5 giveaways.
- Won 25 giveaways.
- Won 50 giveaways.
- Write a requested guide.
- Write 5 requested guides.
- Write 25 requested guides.
- Write 50 requested guides.
- Sign in trough steam once.
- Someone visited your profile.
- You have been member of AStats for at least a year.

AStats Badges List - Total 6 Badges:

- AStats Member Badge
- Given in december for the holidays.
- Given in january for the New Year.
- Given for Halloween.
- Given for doing at least 100 translations.
- Given for being a moderator.

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