My guides are going blank?
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Author:  Arkan [ Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  My guides are going blank?

I recently received my first message regarding removal of my guide because it was blank.
I thought it was a fluke and I didn't bother re-writing the guide or reporting it.

Today I received my second message regarding removal of another guide due to my guide being blank. However, I am 100% certain that this guide wasn't blank.
I don't know why it is happening but I just wanted others to know and maybe report it in this thread if they experience the same.

Author:  SScript [ Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My guides are going blank?

There's nothing to suggest that guides are automatically going blank, in fact, I'd say it's the user who doesn't remember starting the guide in the first place and leave it blank. For instance, if you check your written guides ( ... playType=2), you will see that 5 of the guides in the list were never even published, one of which actually has a written text. There's also another guide that was once published and validated, but now is completely blank.

In case you can't access any of the information, here are some examples:
  • Published guide once validated, now blank: - as it can be seen, this guide was modified 3 days after the first publish, probably being unsatisfied with the negative ratings you decided to just remove the information, instead of improving it
  • Written guide, unpublished: - this guide, while it has some information regarding the nature of unlock for some of the achievements related to that game, it was never published, as seen written with red text under the guide info
  • Blank guide, likely started and forgotten: - this is probably the best example of users pressing 'Start guide' and completely forget about it. When the 'Last change' doesn't have a date, it's usually because that guide was never saved, previewed, or in this case published.

I've seen even published blank guides (couldn't find one right now to give you an example), which are obviously not validated and removed when found. And while we do have the option to edit guides, no moderator will take the time to grammatically correct them, or remove all the text to leave them blank. If anything, we would just reject these guides (or I would, most moderators will validate them without even reading the content).

All examples I presented above are quite old, so here's another one from yesterday ( As you can see, it's not the guides going blank, it's the user(s) starting them and forget about doing it. It's either that or the removal of guides by the users themselves doesn't work as intended and leaves blank entries, instead of deleting them. There was a debate regarding some discrepancy in the number of written guides and the actual number of guides the normal users can see in their list (which may or may not be related to this blank guides, I can't remember).

For your information, we do not delete guides for any reason other than being completely blank, so there's no way the 2 guides you said were removed to have had anything written in them. Now, if you want to actually publish these guides, you're free to do it, otherwise I'll delete them, especially since most of them are really old entries that clutter the server.

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